Benefits of Regular Health Checkup

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Benefits of regular health checkupIn today’s rush hour people are adapting to newer lifestyles and newer comforts. Along with that stress, tension and workplace hazards are taking a toll on the overall health and mental frame of humans. When you put more pressure in the system it snaps and gives rise to major health hazards. It is always advisable to go for regular health checkups in a fixed periodic manner. It may be every 6 months or every 1 year depending on your age and health condition. Regular health checkups help people and their concerned doctors to detect any hidden disease or diseases patterns and take corrective action much before the onset of the actual disease. So taking proactive action is always better as the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Also due to your regular health checkups the medical history or pattern is well established and your physician knows like the back of his hand what your medical problems are and how to tackle the, so if any emergency strikes the physician can intervene immediately and also if need be refer to the right expert or specialist physician.

Also during regular checkups your physician can renew medications based on the current symptoms like tapering or increasing dose of some medications. Even they can suggest the right balanced diet plan and regular exercise plans which is almost as vital if not more as your medication plan. So spending may be half a day or a full day for an entire year’s well being does make ample sense.

Almost every hospital or clinics have an annual health check up package so you can definitely go and inquire about that and select the right package for you.

Some of the tests which you must do in your regular health checkups are as below

For infants and children

  1. Immunization as per the chart
  2. Growth, weight monitoring
  3. Balanced nutritional food intake
  4. Height and weight
  5. Stomach tests
  6. Eyesight and hearing ability

For Adults in the age group 18 to 65+ years male ad female

  1. Weight
  2. Hemoglobin, TC/DC, ESR
  3. Urine and stool checkup, liver and kidney function tests
  4. X- ray of the chest
  5. Blood pressure
  6. Cholesterol and lipid profile
  7. ECG
  8. Head, eyes, ear, nose and throat examination
  9. Skin checkup
  10. Cognitive behavior
  11. For any special diseases special tests as suggested by physician

With these tests on your side you can be rest assured that you have a definite plan to counter any health problems or issues if they crop up and give yourself a better chance of fighting the disease conditions if any such problem arises.

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