Walking- The best exercise

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Wlaking is the best ExcerciseWalk you way to health, as walking is the best form of exercise which stimulates and energizes the body and makes a real healthy difference.

If you walk every day for 45 minutes in fast pace you tend to get immense health benefits like it helps you to control and maintain your weight and also helps to achieve weight loss, be a deterrent towards getting heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, increases strength of bones, increases cognitive thinking, fosters creativity and uplifts mood and helps to enhance balance and coordination

Everyday walking is one of the best cardio exercises as it provides the needed strength to your heart and lungs and if you take the right food like low carb diets then it will help you to lose weight and get a trimmed waistline and toned muscles.

While you start walking get into the right shoe which will enhance your speed and also help you not to hurt your joints. Get into light dress which helps you to walk freely. If you can walk closely in the lap of nature that is even better since you get loads of free oxygen and greenery as a free gift.

To start walking just walk slowly for 5- 10 mins to stretch and relax the muscles of your body and the start walking briskly. This will give you maximum benefits. Breathe normally while walking.

Walking some times is better than running for old persons where it puts less stress of spinal cord and the discs. Everyday walking gives the maximum benefits for spinal discs which in turn gets the vital minerals and vitamins because of the action the body causes.

Doctors suggest that walking exercise 30 minutes daily, for a minimum of five days a week gives you maximum benefits.

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